Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spotlight on Scott

Here is a spotlight on Scott.  He wrote the rest of this:

I am the 6th child out of 6. I am the youngest. I am the baby. That's what Mom calls me.  She also has a lot of other nicknames for me.  They are all funny.

My favorite candy is green skittles.

My favorite subject in school is recess.

I have ran a 5K and an 8K.  I still don't like running.

I am the best troll dancer in all of the world.

I share a room with one of my brothers.

I like to tease my dog, Abby with her stuffed squirrel.

I am a wrestler.

I like the Iowa Hawkeyes.  I am the only child that was born here in Iowa.

My favorite vacation was Wisconsin Dells.  Next time I go, I'd rather go with a couple friends.

Favorite Color:  Purple and Green.

Favorite sport:  Football

If I could travel anywhere it would be to somewhere warm that doesn't flood or get tornadoes.

When I grow up I want to Engineer.

I want to go on a Mission someday to Jamaica.

I know how to cook brownies.

I really like treats, a lot.

I love pie, any flavor.

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The Duke said...

Thanks for sharing! I did not know any of this information except for the fact that he was the 6th child. :) It's great to know more about this kiddo.