Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scott Wrestling

Scott had a wrestling tournament at school.  He did a great job!
Getting ready to wrestle




Scott wins!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Alyssa in Show choir

In the last post I talked about what we did on Valentines day and mentioned Alyssa's show choir competition.  So here is the 2nd part of that post.

On Valentines Day Alyssa had a show choir competition at Benton High school in Van Horne, IA. Jason, Scott and I traveled the almost hour to be there to support her. She had 4 competitions total, however this one is done well, however really expensive to get in. It cost us each $10.00 to see her for 20 minutes. I guess we could have stayed longer and watched lots of show choirs, but we were really only there to see her.  I was able to get a few pictures, however most were blurry.  Only one turned out really nice.  She has her final show choir concert this weekend, so I'll be sure to get more pictures!
Here is Alyssa during her show choir performance.  

After the performance in another show choir outfit.  She thought her hair was too big.  I agree, however she is still gorgeous.

On our drive home we saw this.  What the heck is a house doing at the top of a silo?  Whatever, it's just weird.

Valentines Day

First Jason, Scott and I went out to see Alyssa in her show choir competition which you will see pictures of in the next post. Then we went out to lunch at one of my favorite places to eat, Red Robin.  We never get to go there because it's 30 minutes North of our home, but this time we were almost there because of having to travel for the Show Choir competition.  The bummer about Red Robin on this day was this:  It was one of those times where the server never refills your water, never checks on you unless you literally wave you hand and has to be asked to bring your check. It was really a bad experience and because of that I didn't tip him well because he simply didn't deserve it at all. Other than that Valentines day was just like any other day. We don't do anything special, or buy things. If you can't tell your family and friends that you love them all the time, then why do it on this day?
This is us waiting to be seated.

Picture at Red Robin.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jim McDonough's Holiday Grande 2014 show

While Caleb was still on his mission he was contacted by Jim McDonough, (Link about who Jim McDonough is)about the Holiday Grande 2014 show. Jim asked Caleb if he would like to be head of Lights and sound for an upcoming tour. They worked out a deal and when Caleb arrived home from his mission he went to work on the set of the Holiday Grande show.

I was able to help him with one of his shows in Cedar Rapids at the Paramount Theater.  Basically I just moved stuff around for a long time, and then brought him breakfast.  My parents happened to be here at Thanksgiving time and since this show was during that weekend they were able to see the show!  How awesome.  Here are some pictures I took and some pictures from the internet.

Caleb hard at work to get the show running.
Caleb during set up.
Getting ready to start the show, making sure the set was okay.

Jason, Scott and Brenden, waiting for the show to begin.

My parents with Caleb.

Before the show.

Alyssa and I waiting for the show to begin.

Here is a link to a bio About Caleb
During the show.

Another picture during the show.

The front of the program.
Caleb's picture in the program
In the program there was a write up called "Meet the Directors"  Here is what is said behind Caleb's picture:  Caleb Clark, Technical Director/Lighting Designer is from Iowa City, and started his company, Spectra Technical, LLC, in 2011.  Caleb has lit and produced shows for many incredible organizations and companies, from the National Ballet Company of Mexico City, to the Sa'id Music and Dance Company of Los Angeles, to many local schools and events.  Caleb has experience working in over 50 unique venues throughout the state of Iowa, and his lighting designs have been used as far away as the West Coast in addition to his backstage work, Caleb is a classically trained percussionist, an avid proponent of the arts, and a two-year IHSMA All-State Vocalist.  Caleb is an Eagle Scout, and can often be found volunteering his time to those in need.  He recently returned fro a two-year volunteer mission in Southern California.  Caleb is grateful for the opportunity to work with the production team of this incredible tour, and to help further the work of Camp Courageous.

Monday, February 16, 2015

50 Shades of Grey ICK

I'm sharing this because I'm deeply disturbed about film makers who would make a film like"50 shades of gray" & think it's ok. Do ALL you can to protect your children. This interview is enlightening because Ted did not have access to the internet like we have today but at age 12 was sucked into pornography & led him to do horrible things. He says that in prison, any man who is in there for horrible acts of violence were heavily into pornography. Please do not watch this movie! Even the actors who made the movies have very little good to say about the movie.

Please take a moment and watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlk_sRU49TI

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014-lots of pictures.

A Christmas selfie

Alyssa looking super cute.

Scott's list said, legos, legos, legos, clothes, candy, legos, legos, lego.  He did get a lot of legos.  He is making a silly face here.

Brenden, wearing all his hats.  He wanted new hats.  Silly guy.

Caleb with his new socks and shirts/ties.  He also received a lot of gift cards to gas stations and grocery stores.  So great to have him home from his mission.

Daniel with some of his loot.  He received a lot of gift cards for grocery stores.

Breakfast on Christmas Day.  We had orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, eggs
sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, orange juice, and pancakes!!!!

Abby being all sorts of CUTE!

Abby not happy about the Santa hat.

Favorite gift of all time.  I found this puzzle at STUFF, a local consignment store, and it was just the wood cut out.  I then found several examples online of this same puzzle painted.  I e-mailed Jason a picture and asked him if he would work with Brenden, my artist son, to paint it for me for Christmas.  I collect Nativity scenes so this would mean a lot to me.  Jason actually painted this all by himself.  I never knew he had that amazing talent.  I LOVE this.

The puzzle put together.

Jason in his new sweater.

Skyping with Jared.

Skyping with Jared.


Another selfie, not the best because it's blurry, but I tried.

Brenden with his loot.

Alyssa being silly with her gifts.  She thought that displaying her new sports bra was a good idea, she probably won't think so later.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Just in case you need to dress up as the Grinch someday.

I needed to look something like this.

First you need a santa hat.
Then you take your red fuzzy socks and you add white santa fur to the top of them.
You find a fuzzy kelly green sweater at a consignment store.

You stretch the arms out and draw your hand at the end of the sweater.

Then you sew on the lines and put your hand in the sweater to make sure you sewed the lines correctly.

Then you cut around the line, but make sure it's rough edges so it looks like grinch hands.

Buy green tights and get a pair of blacks shorts to wear so you aren't exposing your bootie to the world.

This is the sweater now with the grinch hands.

You beg your artist son to draw the grinch mask on green felt, then when it turns out too small you ask him to draw it a second time.  Then you cut it out and hot clue it to cardboard.  The color is really kelly green, but the lighting was bad.
This is the completed mask with it glued to the cardboard and cut out.
You get green makeup for your face.  You borrow a Santa coat from your friend.

In the end you look like this. 
Another view.
This is how I look normally.  Found this book in Target and had to have a picture with it.  Too funny.